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Established in 1959, Plastonics, Inc. was a pioneer in the Powder Coating business and continues to remain an innovator in the industry. We have developed specialized equipment for many unique applications. Automated equipment is used when possible to provide cost-effective operations, while our batch oven provides flexibility for one-off jobs and larger items. Get to know the team HERE

Industrial Applications

We specialize in industrial applications, and it’s our job to provide a solution for your problem.



Motors are often in need of a superior coating that provides corrosion resistance, but also requires precise masking (and demasking). More



Coating everything from medical instrument cases to various forceps, we’ve been providing the medical industry with quality coatings that can withstand the autoclave cleansing process. More



Springs are our specialty! All different sizes, shapes, weights, and coils, we’ve got you covered! More

Consumer Applications

Car / Motorcycle / Household Hardware

Wheels, fenders, and other metal hardware. We can provide a protective barrier on your most prized possessions to shield from the elements. Great way to prevent corrosion and provide heat resistance. Contact us to see if we can color match for you too!

Outdoor furniture

We can coat/recoat everything from metal patio furniture to railings and A/C covers. If it’s laying around your house and is looking like it needs a facelift, or you just want to change the color, contact us with your job details and we’ll get you a quote.

What makes
Plastonics unique?

With almost 60 years of experience under our belts, we have the ability to use a variety of processes which allows us to solve our customers specific needs.

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